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The Sri Lankan Advantage

Our strategic Sri Lankan location offers many advantages such as shorter lead times, cost effective shipping and a workforce with specialized expertise across a broad range of apparel categories. GSP Plus puts us at an advantage, enabling us to export products duty free to the European Union.

The Sri Lankan apparel industry prides itself on its ethical business standards and fair labor initiatives and we uphold these values by manufacturing garments with responsibility, conscience and care.

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Technically Ahead

We continually invest in technology to ensure quality without compromise. Our technology enables us to facilitate a quick and collaborative design process, real-time visibility during production and maximization of speed to market, all aimed to achieve the highest level of quality control and compliance.

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A Komar Company

We’re proud to be a Komar company. Komar is a global leader in the design, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of apparel. Together we offer US Customs Clearance & Direct Delivery or FOB (free on board) on a first sale basis.

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