Most job seekers rarely consider the apparel and manufacturing industry as an option for career entry and very little is known about the perks and excitement found within the apparel industry. So, what makes the apparel industry ideal for you? Whether entry-level or management, apparel could be the perfect fit for you.

Contribution to the economy – The manufacturing industry helps support global and national economies, as well as individuals and families. Research shows that manufacturing is ranked among the top GDP earners in Sri Lanka. Forbes also claims that manufacturing has the highest multiplier effect of any other major sector. In fact, every dollar spent in manufacturing contributes another $1.81 to the economy. Clearly, manufacturing has a large impact on jobs, livelihoods and the economy.

Be on the cutting edge of industry – Manufacturing continues to be on the cutting edge of technology with innovation in 3D modelling, sustainable practices, artificial intel, the Internet of Things, etc. So, for tech excitement and constant innovation, manufacturing, particularly in apparel may prove to be a challenge to be a part of. It’s good to be ahead of the curve. In addition, companies such as Star also provide employees with access to international trainers, innovators and industry experts.

Increased safety – Manufacturing has come a long way. With tech making jobs safer, many in the industry are able to work smarter, and safer, than ever before.

Pride in work – One of the great benefits of working in the apparel industry is the fact that you are often working on real, tangible products. Experience the satisfaction of the fruits of your labour.

Career Growth – The apparel industry isn’t just about manufacturing but also offers a plethora of options for your career path. At companies such as Star, workers are able to choose from Research & Development, Manufacturing, Design, Sourcing, Fabrication, Distribution, etc, eventually leading them to leadership opportunities.