Streamlining processes, developing more efficient systems, and modernizing operations within the apparel industry are indispensable components of the apparel sector. Supply chain technology makes processes more efficient, while the use of data analytics, garment fitting, recycling, intelligent machinery and a revolutionary virtual garment marketplace, artificial intelligence and augmented reality help guide creation, purchasing and business decisions.

The traditional mass production process in apparel manufacturing is contrasted with innovative techniques based on teamwork and greater employee participation. Although economic forces have encouraged the growth of innovative work practices, so far, these techniques have been implemented only within traditional human resource strategies that maintain sharp distinctions between production workers, on the one hand, and managers, supervisors, and engineers, on the other.

With the apparel industry in Sri Lanka, the nation even in a post-COVID-19 pandemic is still one of the world’s leading destinations for ‘Ethical Business and Manufacturing Practices’ for several reasons. Sri Lanka as a destination creates excellence in providing exceptional solutions to global brands – the industry is powered by titans such as Star, a subsidiary of American-based apparel manufacturers – Komar.

Technology and innovation remain to be the most exciting part of the apparel industry and despite its many challenges, Sri Lanka continues to be an innovation hub for the world of apparel. Driven by a clear purpose to care for its people and planet – brands such as Star understand the importance of continued innovation. In fact, Star is driven by innovation, sustainability, collaboration and a commitment to quality.

At the heart of its operations, is a 70,000 square foot Innovation Center where ideas are transformed into products. The center features a print resource library, sample room, pattern making facilities and world-class design capabilities enabling our teams and customers to work together collaboratively to bring ideas to life.

It is clear now more so than ever in today’s technological landscape that “innovation” is the main catalyst to better business practices, ethical management and sustainable growth for people, profit and planet.