Streamlining processes, developing more efficient systems, and modernizing operations are indispensable components of the apparel sector. Star houses one of the most widely sought after research & development departments, within Sri Lanka’s apparel industry, rivalling international apparel R&D. For this, and several other reasons Star has consistently been one of the highest-ranked apparel manufacturers that continues to be at the forefront of innovation.

So here’s a look at Star’s top 3 highest-ranked innovations over the years.

  • 3D Technology

While well-established in many other industries, 3D technology is still relatively new to the fashion and apparel manufacturing sectors. However, Star’s need to transform the apparel industry, opting for efficiency and accuracy at every avenue has led Star to commit towards continued investment in 3D technology development.

3D technology has found its place through the supply chain process, from design and development to 3D printing, as well as in technology that helps consumers try and buy better-fitting clothes, and in the creation of catalogues to replace physical sampling. This technology particularly shined during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to do so with the closure of borders and minimisation of customer/ buyer – retailer contact.

  • Go-Green Technology 

Part of the Star mantra focuses on sustainable business practices to protect its people and planet. This process promotes minimizing or eliminating production and processing waste through eco-efficient practices and encourages adopting new environmental technologies. 

The apparel giant which is a part of the Komar Company invests in technologies to reduce water waste, increase energy saving and to ensure the reduced usage of harsh chemicals which aids in reducing their carbon footprint in the process.

Their go-green technology goes beyond the usual corporate technologies, to encompass the entire passive house building that guarantees thermal comfort through reheating fresh air flow responsible for sufficient air quality without additional recirculation. Special insulation materials have been used to prevent heat gain within the building.

In addition, Star uses environmentally friendly processes such as tea-dye, which utilises the waste from tea factories in Sri Lanka, transforming this into a suite of natural fabric dyes that are considered greener alternatives to chemical dying.

  • Invisible stitch

Split-stitch is a coveted stitch technique that can make any stitching look invisible both on the right side and the wrong side of a fabric. This process keeps garments pristine for viewers and wearers. 

Star Garments has gone beyond the usual technique to perfect efficient technologies that utilise the split and stitch method.

This complex technology runs through three [03] stages where the fabric is split, blind seamed and then finished.