In an increasingly socially conscious landscape, consumers are spending more of their time and money on businesses that reflect their values. Studies find that 90% of millennials would choose environmentally friendly businesses over their non-sustainable counterparts.

But why should you join an environmentally conscious brand?

Part of the Star mantra focuses on sustainable business practices to protect its people and planet, by implementing long-term strategies to save energy and reduce waste. While these measures are demands from the end user, a firm and its employees too can reap the benefits of a greener business process.

For example, with regard to employee satisfaction in facilities they work at, tech marked with energy saving labels have saved consumers more than $360 billion on utility bills since the EPA began the program in 1992 in the US. In terms of employers who implement energy saving practices, their work forces tended to be happier and more satisfied than those that do not engage in greener practices.

According to a study by UCLA, companies with green standards see a 16% rise in employee productivity. In fact, studies have proven that using eco-friendly products reduces employee exposure to allergens, toxins, and harmful chemicals, reducing the likelihood of illness, and promoting serenity and togetherness.

Working within green standards presents a challenge that drives the employee to solve problems, helping them to find more efficient solutions throughout their work. In addition, employees are more likely to take green habits learnt at the office, into their homes, saving them money in their personal lives.

Employers have proven to offer employees higher pay grades when they live by green guidelines due to energy saving waste reduction knocks-on, on the long-term profit margins. Additionally, brands that are more environmentally conscious also do far better in gaining market popularity and success as consumers continue to support ethical, environmentally friendly brands far more than those that are not.

All in all, the benefits of joining an environmentally conscious brand far outweigh that of joining their non-sustainable counterpart.

Star continues to be one of Sri Lanka’s most environmentally friendly apparel manufacturers, having constructed South Asia’s first passive house concept – a voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building, which reduces the building’s ecological footprint. It results in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling. Further, it is the only apparel manufacturing group in Sri Lanka to have all of its facilities certified as carbon neutral.

Star continues to be at the helm of energy efficiency in apparel, and stands as a titan of industry blazing a trail in ethical, green, business practices.